How to Kill Spiders

The most effective way to kill spiders in your home is to enlist the help of a spider control professional. Mrs.Bzzz Pest Solutions first conducts an inspection of the home. We point out to the homeowner conducive conditions contributing to the spider problem. Next we perform a service first to the basement areas such as the sill plate using a combination of residual chemicals and dust formulations. Following we treat any other areas of concern in the house usually, garage and crawl spaces, using a crack and crevice treatment. The next treatment is to the exterior of the home focusing on the exterior foundation, perimeter of the home, and all the door and window frames. The last part of the treatment Mrs.Bzzz Pest goes around with our cob web duster and removes all the spider webs.

How Did I Get Spiders?

Spiders enter homes, condos, apartments and commercial buildings through doors, windows, old foundation cracks, garages, under door sweeps, and through gaps in roof areas. Homeowners who bring plants inside home when weather gets cold. Will transport spiders in doors. Unused basements and crawlspaces develop spider issues as well.

Why Is It So Difficult To Get Rid Of Spiders?

More times than none, when homeowners attempt to treat spider infestations on their own and are unsuccessful it is usually because the apply the wrong chemical to the wrong areas of the home. They also risk exposing children and pets to these chemicals by applying to the wrong areas. It is Best to leave this service up to the professionals who have dealt with spider problems for the past 17 years. We apply limited amount of products to critical areas, reducing the risk of exposing chemicals to humans and pests. Children and pet safety is first on our list.

What Are The Signs Of An spider Infestation?

The most common spider in our area are wolf spiders. They are active hunters and construct no webs. They are found in dark humid, damp basements, crawl spaces, and garages. Leg span of wolf spiders can reach up to 3 inches, however they don’t bite, they are just larger and move fast.

How Can I Prevent spiders From Returning?

Reduce moisture in basements by running dehumidifiers. Reduce moisture in dirt crawl spaces by putting down a vapor barrier of plastic above dirt. Prune back all bushes and trees from structure of home or business. Keep mulch beds to a minimum of 2 inches in depth. Contact the professionals at Mrs.Bzzz Pest And Termite Solutions.