Carpenter Bees

Get Rid of Carpenter Bees


Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees Wayne NJ

Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees Wayne NJ

Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions Get Rid of Carpenter Bees Wayne NJ and all of Passaic County NJ. We have been providing pest control solutions to all of Passaic County for 20 years. Carpenter Bees are active in the months of April through June. During these months female Carpenter Bees construct their nests in wood. Unfortunately usually these nests are constructed in the fascia boards, decks, and wood sidings of your home. Once the nest is constructed the female Carpenter Bee collects pollen. Once the pollen is collected she deposits the pollen in the perfect 5/8th hole she bored into your wood. At the end of that gallery she packs that pollen. Than she deposits the eggs. For certain types of homes like log cabins Carpenter Bees can cause serious damage and problems.


Time To Put The Tennis Racket Away And Call Mrs. Bzzz!

Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions treats the exposed sections of the wood with a chemical that kills them and stops them from boring holes in your wood. The special equipment that we have designed allows our technician to apply the product in the highest of places. Around roof lines, fascia boards, and peaks of homes. Our telescoping pole allows us to reach the highest places. You will never hear from us that its to high to treat. Once the product is applied there is a wait period of 10 days for the product to work and kill the Carpenter Bees. After the 10 day wait period if the Carpenter Bees are still active, we will retreat at no additional charge. All of our services come with a service warranty.

We Provide Phone Quotes… No Need For Pushy Salesmen

In most instances we can provide you with a phone quote. We can usually treat the same day, and if not, we can be to your home the following day. If you have been dealing with a Carpenter Bee issue, call the professionals at Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions. We Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees Wayne NJ and all of Passaic County NJ.