stinging insect control

Yellow Jackets and Other Stinging Insects: The Facts

May 4, 2015

Paper Wasps are the stinging insect that you will experience in the spring, when the temperature warms up around Wayne NJ and surrounding areas. When you are experiencing aerial flight in the months of April and May, more then likely you are seeing queen wasps, that have emerged from their overwintering hiding spaces, that are…

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Types of Ants in the House

3 Common Types of Ants in the House in Spring, Summer, and Fall, and How to Get Rid of them

April 29, 2015

Finding ants in the house during the months of Spring, Summer, and early Fall is a common problem for NJ and NY homeowners. Knowing what types of ants you are likely dealing with can go a long way towards helping you control the problem and prevent future ones. Below are the 3 types of ants…

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Termite Control Wayne NJ

6 Termite Swarmer Facts You Need to Know for Spring in NJ

April 17, 2015

Termite swarmers and termite workers are among the most common pests homeowners encounter during the Spring months in New Jersey and New York. Because they eat anything made of wood, they are also some of the most damaging pests towards your home, especially if they go unnoticed or untreated. Below are 6 facts about termite…

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How to Kill Roaches

Cockroach Facts

April 3, 2015

Of all the potential pests that can invade your home, cockroaches are perhaps the worst. Even for insects, they’re extremely disgusting. Still, even the most disgusting, invasive animals have some interesting attributes. Here are some interesting facts that you may not have known about cockroaches: They have existed on this earth for hundreds of millions…

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