Tips To Keep Mice Out Of House

Keep Mice Out Of House With These Tips:

With the beginning of the cold weather mice seek shelter in homes and businesses. When food becomes limited for small rodents, and the weather turns, your house becomes the prime target for refuge. There are some things you as a homeowner can do to prevent entry from these unwanted visitors. Below we will offer some tips to help you prepare for rodent season in the northeast.

Remove clutter and debris around exterior foundation:

Heavy leave coverage and untrimmed foliage are nesting sites for mice. Cardboard, bags of old clothes, and garbage stored next to the house provide hiding sites for these small rodents.

Routine inspection of the exterior of your house:

At the end of the summer do a full inspection on the exterior of your home. Be sure to check for broken garage door sweeps. Holes or cracks in the foundation. Easy access for rodents is through pipe entry points in the foundation. Where gas meter and air condition lines run. Garage sweeps can be purchased at your local hardware store. Holes and cracks can be closed with silicone and foam.

Check basement and attic areas:

Routine inspection for small droppings should be done to corners of the basement. Attic insulation should be checked for droppings. Tell tale signs of rodent problem are fresh droppings. Sometimes stored food in the basement will show signs of chew marks.

Pest prevention with the help of Mrs. Bzzz:

We at Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions understand sometimes the thought of a rodent problem can be overwhelming. We offer a wide variety of services for mice and small rodents. Contact us if you would like us to rodent proof your house. You can also follow these few tips to help you prepare against rodent intrusion.

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