Get Rid Of Camel Crickets In My Home

Get Rid Of Camel Crickets In My Home!

Are you tired of seeing these monsters in your basement, laundry room, and crawl space? Camel Crickets are a problem for New Jersey homeowners. If you are freaking out and want your home exterminated for Camel Crickets contact the professionals at Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solution. Our Homecare Plus is our most favorite program among New Jersey Homeowners.

What Do Camel Crickets Look Like?

Just like their name implies. Camel Crickets have a hunched back with six legs. Two of the legs are larger. They do not make a chirping sound like the normal house cricket. These crickets are large in size. Sometimes reaching 2 inches long.

Facts About These Scary Creatures!

They are very active at night. They tend to navigate towards damp, humid crawl spaces and basements. They also like to hang out in sheds. If you have a sump pump with earth exposed around it, you will see these creepy crawlers congregating in and around the earth of the sump. Did you know these guys can hang out on the ceiling upside down?

Prevention Methods

Take back your home from these unwanted invaders. Use these preventative measures:

  • Make sure leaves and brush are raked back and pruned at least two feet from the foundation of home.
  • Proper ventilation in your basement and crawl space is a must.
  • Make sure the seal around your sump is tight, not allowing these guys in.
  • Add plastic covering over dirt crawl spaces.
  • Avoid clutter in basements, and crawl spaces allowing them hiding areas.

Hire a pest control professional to exterminate your home from these unwanted pests. Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions offers different types of programs. From yearly, seasonal, and one time services. All of are plans come with a full service warranty.

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