Yellow Jackets and Other Stinging Insects: The Facts

Paper Wasps are the stinging insect that you will experience in the spring, when the temperature warms up around Wayne NJ and surrounding areas. When you are experiencing aerial flight in the months of April and May, more then likely you are seeing queen wasps, that have emerged from their overwintering hiding spaces, that are in search of building a new nest for the up and coming season.

Paper Wasps build their nests in protected areas from the elements and danger, under deck railings, under porches, near gutters, children’s play sets, soffits and eves. Their nests look like inverted umbrellas and the typical nest will have about 30 wasps in, and on the nest. Nests are at full peak mid July through August, around the areas of Passaic County, and Bergen County New Jersey. Paper Wasps inflict a pretty nasty sting when provoked.

Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions provides stinging insect control for all of Northern New Jersey, as well as Rockland County NY, Orange County NY, and Manhattan NY. Our Homecare Plus, is the most trusted service we offer and protects over hundreds of homes in Wayne NJ, and the surrounding areas. For stinging insects, we focus on treating the soffits, eves, rooflines, and porch areas of the home. We apply a residual chemical to prevent bees from building nests in these areas. Our program offers coverage year round on the structure of the home.

Contributing factors to having paper wasps and stinging insects is the abundance of flowers, which bees pollinate off of. While our program protects the structures of homes and business around Northern NJ and Manhattan NY, we can not prevent AERIAL flight of bees FLYING AROUND your home or place of business.

Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions has been serving Wayne NJ and the surrounding area for over 17 years. Call us today to get started so you can enjoy your summer. Someone is available Monday through Friday to handle your needs! 1-973-291-3603

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